Ms. Anuttama Ghosh

Ms. Anuttama Ghosh

Asst Professor


I have completed my LLM with specialization in Intellectual Property Laws from Symbiosis Law School, Pune and B.A LL.B (Intellectual Property Law Hons.) from School of Law, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar. I am currently pursuing Ph.D on Protection of Non Conventional Trademarks. I have previously worked as Vice Principal, Assistant Professor of Law at Indian Institute of Legal Studies, Siliguri (West Bengal) where I have mostly taught in the areas of Intellectual Property Rights, Tort Law and Contracts.

Previously I have also worked at Mindcrest India Pvt. Ltd., Pune as an Associate Attorney and interned in various organisations such as K&S Partners, Gurgaon; Fox and Mandal, Kolkata; Sanderson and Morgan's, Kolkata; Bhati Associates, New Delhi; iPleaders, Banglore Mediation Centre etc. Along with I have several publication in National and International journals to my credit.


B.A. LL.B (IPR Hons.)
LL.M (IPR Specialization)
Ph.D (Pursuing)

Subjects Teach:

Intellectual Property Law,

Law of Contract,

Law of Torts

Teaching Experience:

3 years and 4 months experience at Indian Institute of Legal Studies, Siliguri (West Bengal) as Vice Principal and Assistant Professor of Law. 

Industry experience:

6 months experience at Mindcrest India Pvt. Ltd., Pune as an Associate Attorney. 

Research  experience:

Journal Publication:

1. “Trade Secrets and Confidential Information: Need for Statutory Protection in India”, International Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Volume 7, No. 1, ISSN: 0974-5823, SCOPUS INDEXED (January 2022).
2. “Importance of Block Chain Technology as an Instrument for Human Rights Management and Ethical Business Practices” in a book titled “Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies” as a part of Conference Proceedings, ICMET 2021, Galgotias University, SPRINGER PUBLICATION, ISSN: 2190-3018 SCOPUS INDEXED. (Accepted for publication).
3. “Dynamics of Trademark Dilution: Issues and Challenges in India and USA”, KATHMANDU SCHOOL OF LAW REVIEW (KSLR), Volume 8, P-ISSN: 2091-2110, E-ISSN: 2773-8159, DOI: 10.46985 (2020).
4. “Plight of Water Wives: A Human Right Concern in India” KIIT JOURNAL OF LAW AND SOCIETY, Volume 8-10 (Special Issue) ISSN No. 2231 5144 (2018-2020).
5. “Justice and Access to Healthcare: A Kaleidoscopic View”, THE IUP LAW REVIEW, Volume XI, No. 1, ISSN 2231-3095 (March, 2021)
6. “Cyber Terrorism: Analyzing the threat in the light of 9/11 Attack in USA and 26/11 Attack in Mumbai (India)”, GIBS LAW JOURNAL, Gitarattan International Business School, Delhi, Volume 3, ISSN: 2582-4627 Double Blind Peer Review. (February, 2021)
7. “Weighing the Global Impact of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (Cop25)”, AMITY INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF JURIDICAL SCIENCES (AIJJS), Volume 6, ISSN: 2395-4019 (August, 2020)
8. “The Principle of Idea-Expression Dichotomy in Copyright Laws: Legal Scenario in India Compared to the Laws of U.S.A and United Kingdom”, Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research, Volume 7, Issue 7, ISSN: 2349-5162.
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16. “Legal Aspects of Character Merchandising”, LEX REVOLUTION, Volume 1 Issue 3, ISSN 2394-997X, (September 2015)
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19. “Cyber-terrorism: Weaponisation in the virtual world”, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LAW AND LEGAL JURISPUDENCE, Volume 1 Issue 5, ISSN 2348-8212, Peer Reviewed (August 2014).

Book Publication:

1. Chapter titled “Recruitment of Children in Armed Conflict: A Critical Study” in a book titled “Crimes Against Children in India: Preventive and Protective Laws” published by THOMSON REUTERS PUBLICATION, ISBN: 987-93-90673-95-7 (2021).
2. “Expert’s Opinion in Medical Evidence-An Analytical Study”, Emerging Trend of Expert Evidence in Administration of Justice, SARSURANA LAW COLLEGE, Kolkata, Edition 1 (March, 2020)