Dr. Pournima Inamdar

Dr. Pournima Inamdar

Head of School & Professor

Dear Students & Parents,

Greetings from MIT -World Peace University,

I Dr. Pournima Inamdar, congratulate you for making the right choice to select MIT-WPU School of Law for studies of law. Our University is one of the premier institutions. The process of learning at MIT-WPU SOL is an ideal blend of project-based learning, collaborative learning, learning by doing and experiential learning. It helps the student to develop his knowledge, skills and dispositions to succeed in his career and civic life.

MIT-WPU SOL indeed devoted exclusively to make a student equipped for the market and more towards a holistic person. The main purpose of the curriculum is to put theory into practice and which is well augmented with a plethora of value add on programmes. Needless to mention that both are wheels of the same chariot.

Our Law School is determined towards the goal of providing innovative and quality education with elevated standard to achieve academic distinction and to stay ahead especially in the context of globalisation. It is and would definitely be a preferred destination of justice and legal education. We believe that the Law School has the social responsibility of continuing to be a Centre of Excellence in the field of legal education, who can effectively function in the emerging legal order.

I wish all of you a great career ahead